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november 3rd, 2012

Een kennis van mij (XXX) heeft onlangs zijn tijdschriftencollectie uitgemest en gooide een oud Aloha nummer in de aanbieding op E-bay.


Hieronder volgt de bizarre correspondentie naar aanleiding van het verwijderen van zijn advertentie.
En zelfs in het geval hij de edele of daarboven zou afdekken dan zou het nog niet lukken dit item met illustratie aan te bieden.

Hello, XXX

Thank you for writing to us. My name is Susan and I am glad to address your concern regarding the removal of your listing (Item # 281014698920) XXX, I have reviewed the listing once again and could see that you listed Blind Faith record, which is not allowed on the site, as it breaches our Minor policy.
I would like to highlight that we do not allow blind faith record which contains nude pic of minor girl. We do not allow the listing even if the nude cover is blurred or omitted from listing. eBay generally does not permit the listing of any item that depicts nude minors (under 18 years of age), including "child erotica". In addition, eBay may at its discretion remove listings that involve the exploitation of minors, regardless of whether such items are sexual in nature or depict nude minors. We strictly follow the policy related to minor wherein the listing shows nude or explicit images of minor, and as and when we come across such listings, we remove them from the site.
You can go through this link for more information on our minor polic
This is the reason, for which we had to remove your listing as Blind Faith record contains nude image of a minor. Further, I would like to share that even if you relist your item by hiding the nude image of the minor on the cover with a paper or any other thing along with the 1969 magazine, we wont be permitting it on the site. Hence, we requested you not to relist this item again on the site.
The only Blind Faith record which we allow on the site is the 2001 version of Blind faith with the alternate cover and the same should be provided in the image as well as in the description.
I hope this information was useful. In case you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us via email or chat.
Kind Regards
Susan Shields
eBay Trust & Safety

Dit soort fatsoensrakkerij is anno 2012 nog steeds aan de orde.