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WEERWOORD JJC per 5 oktober j.l.

oktober 18th, 2015

Dear Margriet ,

This is a belated apology from Dr Clarke and his TM Johnny Green re not making the ferry to the festival last month.
The day started badly with the hotel not giving them their ordered wake up call at 8.30.Nevertheless when I checked out they were both up and had breakfast by 10am. It then took them a bit longer than expected to leave Amsterdam. They did get to the ferry "more than 10mins" before departure.

In Johnny Greens words ;-

"A guy jumped out of a 4×4 and gave me an envelope, then disappeared, we were stood by the ferry a bit bemused what to do, arguing with a lady to let us on, when the boat moved off".
They then phoned me . I was just arriving back into Manchester airport.
They told me about the sea taxi . They then phoned again to say they’d met the Transport Manager for the Festival who’d told them the boat is uncovered and felt it probably wasn’t suitable for 2 66 yr old men . They then rang again to say they’d seen the taxi and " don’t fancy it all , especially in this weather" it had, as you know, been very stormy for the best part of 48 hours previously.
It’s an hour long journey and Dr Clarke was genuinely worried he wouldn’t cope. Johnny Green expressed deep reservations too.
They had read the Festival guidance and it does say words to the effect of ‘if you miss one ferry another be along soon ‘
Dr John Cooper Clarke is very sorry he missed his show and says many thanks for all your hard work putting his trip together.
The Amsterdam and Den Haag shows ( A’dam in particular ) were excellent events.
He’s not in the habit of missing shows or even being late to them.
I think in this instance the unusual circumstances just stacked up against them and they were insurmountable.

Many thanks and apologies once again,
yours sincerely

Phil Jones
Obo Dr JCC

Phil Jones | Executive Director
Manchester Food and Drink Festival Ltd | Edge Street Live